Climeon waste water generator

Climeon is a Swedish company in the field of energy technology. 

The company's unique technology, heat power, makes available a large unused energy source and provides energy from hot water, around the clock, all year round. Heat power is an inexpensive and renewable energy source with the potential to replace much of the energy currently produced via coal, nuclear power, oil and gas. 

Climeon is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. 

The Durable Group has reseller rights for Climeon. Climeon has developed a cooling water generator that benefits from heated wastewater and produces electricity from the heated water. The generator operates in the temperature range of 70-120 degrees. This, combined with cold water supply, generates energy. 

Each generator generates 150kW of continuous power. 

Here is a video showing how the Climeon generator works:

The generator can be connected both in series and in parallel combination.

Industries that have a lot of heated cooling water: 

- Heavy manufacturing industry  

- Shipping 

- Geothermal power plants 

Climeon generators are installed and commissioned in a number of locations within shipping and geothermal power plants. Among others, Viking Line and Virgin Voyages currently use Climeon generators on board. 

Customer Case Video - Viking Line: