LED Lights

Durable Group supply the full range of LED lighting to the corporate market

Benefits of LED lighting: 

  • Great cost savings 
  • Less maintenance 
  • Does not generate heat 
  • Easy to replace from halogen 
  • 50 times longer life than halogen 
  • Flicker-free light 
  • Choose between hot or cold light

Durable Energy works with solid manufacturers of LED products to replace fluorescent lamps. We supply street lights, roof panels, headlights, interconnecting strips and a variety of special products. The product quality has been verified through a number of tests and certifications. 

Our manufacturers produce for well-known suppliers such as Philips, Osram and Cree.

On September 1. 2018, the EU's ban on imports and production of traditional halogen bulbs came into force. Although they are not currently prohibited from selling, this type of light source will disappear from the market over time.

LED in media:

Enova report on LED lights

LED luminaires 

Our luminaires are carefully selected for easy installation, durability in every conceivable environment and easy replacement. We also offer all-in-one solutions. That is, a luminaire with LED, solar panel, battery and motion sensor for installation without connection to the mains. 

LED ceiling panels 

When choosing extendable panels, it is important that the product is manufactured in such a way that it prevents movement due to plastic expansion, which can create color changes, that the plastic plate minimizes the danger of glare, and that it maintains color and does not turn yellow over the years. The luminaire should also be dimensioned to the standard recommended in the relevant market. 

LED strip lights 

For shops, commercial buildings etc. we can offer a system of hanging strip lights that can be connected and also combined with sockets for connecting external devices.