As part of our business, the Durable Group is looking at new markets for expansion. The work of assessing our potential market is done through targeted analysis / monitoring of the market, field analyzes and insights through local partners. 

Bringing larger parts of the world's energy production to renewable sources is a global responsibility and it is natural for us to look at markets where we can make a difference and at the same time position ourselves as a significant player. In addition to our domestic markets, which are Norway, Sweden and Denmark, we have identified the following markets as part of our international growth plan:

  • Turkey
  • Middle East
  • Africa

Turkey is our main priority at the moment

The turkish energy sector:

Turkey has a lack of energy production today. 70% of its total consumption is imported from countries such as Iran and Russia. This makes Turkey vulnerable both in terms of political and currency risk. A large proportion of today's energy is generated using fossil fuels, but the Turkish state has set an offensive strategy that 50% of all energy production will be transferred to renewable sources by 2023.

Below is an overview of the Turkish energy sector:

Source - IEA

 Download report on the turkish energy sector: